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what we're about

endota is an indigenous word meaning ‘beautiful’.

At endota spa that beauty is realised the moment a client steps through the door.

They are surrounded by serenity, they are greeted by our signature scent, they are encouraged to shed their outer layers and their stress. It’s not a physical beauty so much as a felt one.

The ultimate feeling is one of freedom. The freedom to step out of the real world for a time, into a world where the only person who matters is you.

endota spa Canada: what we're about

                our symbol Malachite

our symbol Malachite

Malachite is a stone that occurs naturally in the Australian environment. With its beautiful rich green colour and striking banded striations it symbolises both the healing green of nature the innate beauty of flowers, trees, roots and plants.

It is said to be a stone of transformation, promoting change and providing for spiritual growth. Others believe it has healing properties drawing out impurities and stimulating the life force through the aura and the body.

The malachite stone and green colour have become enduring symbols of the endota spa brand.

packaging products with the planet in mind

At endota we see clean beauty as a focus not only on clean formulations, but clean packaging as well.
We want our products to care for our clients as well as our environment.

clean by endota - packaging products with the planet in mind

                Want to partner with us in Canada?

Want to partner with us in Canada?

Contact our distributor at

our ethos

We aim to live consciously and give back wherever possible. We are currently collaborating with an inspiring group of indigenous women located in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia, whose artwork appears on our some our packaging and who receive a percentage of our sales in return.

                our ethos
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