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Yoga unifies your body, your mind and your breath – and when they’re all moving in a harmonious flow, you open yourself up to a more balanced way of living. So it’s no surprise that humans have been practising this discipline for thousands of years.

As you work through a gentle flow of poses and postures (or asanas), you increase blood flow to your muscles and improve your flexibility. At the same time, connecting your mind and your body centres your attention and sharpens your concentration – while boosting your mental clarity and focus.

Making these yoga flows part of your daily ritual allows you to align the energy that flows through your various chakras. You’ll notice the benefits in how you think, how you feel and how you live.

kundalini yoga

You’ll feel emotionally enlightened, clearer in your mind and altogether more vibrant following a Kundalini practice.

Referring to ‘divine feminine energy’ – Kundalini is a deeply-spiritual yoga practice that is all about unleashing that energy and expanding your radiance.

With a focus on breathing and postures, the intent of this practice is to spark a Kundalini awakening. Unblocking the Shakti chakra located at the base of your spine and releasing energy that might have otherwise remained untapped.

yin & vinyasa yoga

Yin and vinyasa are significantly different disciplines of yoga – each with their own unique benefits for your mind and your body.

Yin embraces a slower, more meditative practice. It focuses on the 6 yin meridians – liver, gallbladder, kidney, urinary bladder, spleen and stomach – while targeting connective tissue too. By holding poses for longer periods of time, you’re able to reflect on your inner thoughts and balance your emotions. You can also combine yin yoga with sound healing for an altogether more calming, nourishing practice.

Vinyasa is an ideal practice to energise your mind and body at the start of your day, helping to improve your strength, mobility, balance and heart health. Vinyasa is the most active of all the yoga classes offered on endota Retreat. It combines fluid movement with breathing techniques, as you move from one pose – or ‘asana’ – to the next.


Less is usually more when it comes to pilates. Less pushing your body to its limits, more focusing on your breathing and aligning it to slow, controlled movements. In doing so, you’ll build a stronger foundation for flexibility, mobility and balance – while tapping into all the wonderful health benefits that come with moving more effectively.

Our pilates classes make for an enriching way to start up or wind down your day. As a low-impact form of exercise, it’s an ideal practice for anyone who’s rehabilitating from an injury too. Make these classes part of your exercise ritual at least three days a week and you’ll start seeing the benefits – from how you breathe to the ways you can move.


A shift in our perspective can bring about many enriching health benefits. A sense of calm and balance. A greater awareness. More peace of mind – and less stress.

Meditation is the technique we tap into to bring about that shift.

Simple to adopt and endlessly beneficial, meditation with endota Retreat incorporates music and breath work to help you recognise and resolve intrusive thoughts. Drawing from centuries of calming practice, we’ll guide you through different techniques to help you feel more at peace – and more positive in your life as a result.

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visualisation practiseplay buttonhover buttoncomplete member

visualisation practise

16 mins


Surrender to your happy place, allowing complete mind-body connection as your subconscious mind evokes a feeling of contentment and inner peace.

the breath as a gift, receive itplay buttonhover buttoncomplete member

the breath as a gift, receive it

16 mins


Release your control as you tune in to each breath that rises within, establishing a continual flow of conscious involunatry breathing to quieten your mind.

surrendering to gravityplay buttonhover buttoncomplete member

surrendering to gravity

17 mins


Ground yourself, letting go of all that is holding you and noticing any resistance you may feel lighten as you relax your body with each exhale.

presencing and withdrawal of the sensesplay buttonhover buttoncomplete member

presencing and withdrawal of the senses

17 minutes


Strip back the world around you to re-engage and balance your senses, creating an inner harmony as you focus on how sound, sight, smell, touch and taste exist in unison.

intro & inner smile meditationplay buttonhover buttoncomplete member

intro & inner smile meditation

25 mins


Look inwards to replenish your being and deeply connect to yourself, allowing this energy to heal and brighten you from within.

aura clearingplay buttonhover buttonguest passfavorite_border

aura clearing

20 mins

MeditationMel Gleeson

Break free from emotional and mental shackles through an aura cleansing meditation

unpacking stressplay buttonhover buttonguest passfavorite_border

unpacking stress

12 mins

MeditationMel Gleeson

Connect with your truest self and highest vibration through a state of stillness

connect to natureplay buttonhover buttonguest passfavorite_border

connect to nature

17 mins

MeditationMatty Rainbow

Breathe nourishment and love into your body while you notice the grounding properties of nature

sound healing

Sound is a powerful thing. With the right frequencies and vibrations, it can calm our thoughts, clear our minds and release pent-up energy. Leaving us feeling more balanced, lighter and at peace.

Sound healing therapy is the practice of bringing about that peace. It uses different instruments to generate different energy frequencies and vibrations – opening, clearing and balancing your chakras as you move towards a more relaxed, settled frequency.

The ideal way to unwind before bed – or any time you want to lighten your load.

personal training

You don’t have to head out to workout. Instead, these cardio classes bring the personal trainer to you. Taking the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) approach to getting your pulse up, these workouts aim for short bursts of maximum effort – so you see results in a shorter amount of time. They’re the ideal blend of aerobic and resistance exercises for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy, but struggles to fit hours of gym-time into their schedule.

Along with the great physical benefits – like weight loss, increased strength and aerobic capacity, and improved cardiovascular health – a good cardio workout does wonders for your mind as well. Your endorphins will be on the up. And so will your calm and confidence.

eft - emotional freedom tapping

Tap into a more balanced sense of health and wellbeing with this transformative practice. Emotional Freedom Tapping, or EFT, involves the use of psychological acupressure techniques to shift your mindset and relieve tension.

By tapping with your fingers on meridian pressure points, while repeating messages to help release energy blocks, you’ll encourage a flow and frequency that restores balance to body and mind alike.


Qigong is an ancient practice and healing art – one that aims to nourish your body and soothe your mind.

With a focus on the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water – or more specifically, how these elements affect the flow of energy through your body – Qigong brings together gentle movement, breathwork and meditation.

It’s a practice that strives for relaxation, improving your internal strength, while balancing the flow of Qi through your body’s energy meridians. And helping you to focus your attention, regulate your emotions and enjoy all the benefits of a clearer mind as well.