Scent your space and breathe in the many uplifting wellbeing benefits of natural essential oils.

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  1. Essential Oil - Signature
    Essential Oil - Signature
    Our signature blend of 100% pure essential oils. Make every day spa day.
  2. Shower Steamer 3 Pack
    Shower Steamer 3 Pack
    A trio of naturally-aromatic shower steamers.
  3. Car Diffuser Pack
    Car Diffuser Pack
    The gift of a Ceramic Car Diffuser and our Signature essential oil.
  4. Essential Oil - Spirit
    Essential Oil - Spirit
    A tranquil, earthy blend of pure essential oils.
  5. Essential Oil - Dream
    Essential Oil - Dream
    A blend of 100% pure essential oils for a deeper, better night’s sleep.
  6. Essential Oil - Clarity
    Essential Oil - Clarity
    A refreshing burst of citrus in a 100% pure essential oil.
  7. Essential Oil - Calm
    Essential Oil - Calm
    A calming blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and lavender essential oils.
  8. Essential Oil - Breathe
    Essential Oil - Breathe
    A pure essential oil blend encouraging relief and relaxation.

8 items

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