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Moments of positivity. Of tranquility. Of renewed energy. They’re not just found in the spa – they’re found in the every day. And our Live Well range brings them all to you.

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  1. Shower Steamer 3 Pack
    Shower Steamer 3 Pack
    A trio of naturally-aromatic shower steamers.
  2. Car Diffuser Pack
    Car Diffuser Pack
    The gift of a Ceramic Car Diffuser and our Signature essential oil.
  3. Mindful Moment Pack
    Mindful Moment Pack
    endota’s Essential Oil Diffuser and Signature Blend oil, in one thoughtful...
  4. Large Shopping Tote
    Large Shopping Tote
    A stunning, sustainable tote bag.
  5. Essential Oil - Spirit
    Essential Oil - Spirit
    A tranquil, earthy blend of pure essential oils.
  6. Essential Oil - Signature
    Essential Oil - Signature
    Our signature blend of 100% pure essential oils. Make every day spa day.
  7. Essential Oil - Dream
    Essential Oil - Dream
    A blend of 100% pure essential oils for a deeper, better night’s sleep.
  8. Essential Oil - Clarity
    Essential Oil - Clarity
    A refreshing burst of citrus in a 100% pure essential oil.
  9. Essential Oil - Calm
    Essential Oil - Calm
    A calming blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and lavender essential oils.
  10. Essential Oil - Breathe
    Essential Oil - Breathe
    A pure essential oil blend encouraging relief and relaxation.

14 items

per page
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